Truly used too much to demand forgiveness or even to request authorization to look at an area available whilst you move across the competition.

Truly used too much to demand forgiveness or even to request authorization to look at an area available whilst you move across the competition.

Sample: youre taking walks by and now you bump into people, we state, Que pena amigo ?te lastime? (Im sorry, did I damage your?) or you should move across the competition and state, Que pena que pena (excuse-me, pardon me) in addition they instantly see they need to furnish you with approval.

Its such a frequent Colombian jargon that J. Balvin and Maluma, both from Medellin, possess the single Que Pena.


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Truly another way of referring to a woman.

In Spanish it indicates that the wife discover this is definitely older, but in Colombia actually accustomed reference a lady, though the woman is young.

Case: Mira la vieja tan buena(EN) understand this very hot female.


One of the best aspects of traveling in this particular country is trying the food items, especially Colombian desserts.

That can be very sweet, so that they are considered hostigantes.

Illustration: Ese arroz con leche parece bastante hostigante. (EN) That grain pudding is particularly sweet.


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In Latin The usa Chino is commonly explained for someone coming from Asia. However in Colombian slang children are referred to as Chino or girls China.

Model: Ese chino se puso a llorar otra vez. (EN) That teen launched cry again.


In Spanish in addition it usually means the monster you find into the desert with 2 humps.

In Colombia the word Camello is employed to refer to focus. Situation: Al fin myself salio camello ensenando ingles en la universidad. (EN) I finally grabbed a position training English at a school.

And also it indicates hump week, make a lot more feeling with Colombian slang.


It is put against a person that is often rather tired or insistent.

Case: Este intenso no deja de llamarme. (EN) This discouraging person will keep dialing me.

Colombian Spanish Words That Arent So Nice

You will definitely notice these insults in Colombian vocabulary on some events and taking into account where you’re.

It is vital that you simply take all things in perspective to comprehend when you’re being insulted. Often it may sound ugly, but might not completely feel an insult.

Hijueputa or Jueputa

This term is typical throughout Colombia, wherever you choose to go you will definitely hear this term much, whenever you often hear motherf*cker in french.

In Latin The united states, its more common to listen hijo de puta, in Colombia it’s taken as hijueputa or jueputa.

Often its made use of if things fails, but it is in addition used whenever you deal with or like to insult anybody.

Model: Noooo hijueputa I forgot to pay the electricity bill or Este si es demasiado hijueputa.


This Colombian slang is often rather popular in Medellin. But try a Colombian phrase that’s in addition found in with the rest of Colombia.

Gonorrea is formally intimately transmitted disease. However in favorite Colombia its employed as an insult.

Situation: Entonces que gonorreain numerous situation if you need to be much more impolite, you could potentially merge gonorrea with HijueputaEntonces los cuales gonorrea hijueputa. (En) something similar to, So exactly what, gonorrhea kid of a b*tch.


This Spanish slang can be found throughout Latin The country, however, the therefore varies from minimal to a powerful abuse.

In Colombia really an individual who is simply too sluggish or way too foolish.

Case: Este si es mucho huevon. (En) you are really really stupid.


It is a statement which believed to someone who was terribly clothed, badly spoken and seems disheveled, this word certainly is the shrinkage of Companero.

Sample: Que man brown nero(EN) precisely what a scruffy dude.


They relates merely to the function of obtaining intercourse, in other countries it’s familiar with follar, coger, etc.

In Colombia they choose culear, even though it is not very good to say. Just like f*ck, its advisable that you learn but probably use it just amongst contacts.


Sapo is alleged to virtually any meddlesome people.

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